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  • Manufacturing Capability

    Machines & Equipment’s & Capacity

    Machines & Equipment’s Capacity
    RO Plant 2000 liter/Hour
    Planetary Mixture 1000 kg
    Vacuum Mixture 1200 kg
    Shampoo Mixture 1000 kg
    Homoziniser 500 kg
    Colloidal Mill 250 kg
    Soap Sigma Mixture 100 kg
    Soap Plodder 100 kg
    Soap Triple Roller Mill 100 kg
    Lipstick Base Mixture 200 kg
    Foundation Mixing Cattle 100 kg

    Filling & Packing Capacity

    Soap Plant 0.5 Million Soaps/Month
    Tube Filling Machine 5 Millions Tube/Month
    Powder filling machine 1.5 Millions Containers/Month
    Liquid Filling Machine 1 Million Containers/Month
    Cream, Scrub & Lotion 3 Millions Jar/Container/Month
    Hair Oil 1 Million Containers/Month
    Lipstick 2 Millions Containers/Month
    Kajal 2 Millions Containers/Month
    Nail Paint 2 Millions Containers/Month

    Production units situated at SIDCUL, HARIDWAR in Excise free zone of India.
    Manufacturing Area: 60,000 Sq. Feet
    No. of Production Lines: More than 10
    Research & Developed Products: Organic, Herbal, Derma & External Pharmaceutical, Cosmeceutical Range
    In House Labs: Research & Development Lab, Microbiology Lab, Stability Testing Lab.

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